The Grand Traverse Area Supports Women in Technology!

Women Welcome Here

On a national scale, the technology and engineering fields are dominated by men. But that doesn't have to be the case everywhere. Here in the Grand Traverse Bay Area, women with technical training and entrepreneurial skills are finding a welcoming and growing professional community set in an incredibly beautiful part of the world. And all the human services, educational resources and cultural amenities found here make life rich and full of potential for growth.


Marta Trimble, a business development specialist for MacUpdate, says that women in the technology business are able to excel in the Grand Traverse Bay Area.

"One of the great things about the area is - besides having a lot of opportunity for employment - being a woman in technology, you don't have some of the challenges that you might have in larger cities." Working for companies in this area, Marta found that, "They appreciated having a diversity of leadership and opinion."


Alaina Dodds, Brand Strategist for Oneupweb really appreciates the level of work available in the Grand Traverse Bay Region. "That's why I like working a Oneupweb, the challenges, every single day is a challenge."

Better still, she feels a real sense of community here. "I just fell in love with not only the water, but the people and the restaurants ... and the wineries ... and all the big city culture in a small town!"


As a software engineer for Versus Technology, Bonnie Deigh says that the Grand Traverse Area welcomes technically trained women, presenting no special barriers of interference.

"I have not encountered the kinds of difficulties and barriers that I know that plenty of women talk about. I know that it exists in our society, but I have not experienced it. There are opportunities here in Traverse City and it doesn't matter that we're women."

Career Move

Maureen Berger is an engineer working on refining laser systems for Electro-Optics Technology (EOT). Years ago, she made the move to Traverse City because it was the best place to raise kids and found a new career.

Maureen says, "Being a woman doesn't make a difference. EOT is welcoming to anybody who comes in. I don't even notice. I don't see them as men engineers and women engineers. Strictly engineers doing a good job."