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MacUpdate is the #1 Mac-only software directory on the Web, as well as the leading destination for daily Mac software deals and bundles. As the Mac's market share continues to grow, MacUpdate is leading the way in software promotion and distribution for the Mac. MacUpdate simplifies finding, buying and installing apps for your Mac.

Fresh Tech Story

Founded by Joel Mueller while still in high school, his website grown rapidly. He continued to build the company while attending Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City and completing his bachelor’s degree in Kalamazoo at Western Michigan University. Having re-settled in Traverse City, Joel and his colleagues now oversee one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. The wildly popular website over 5 million visits each month.


Talent Search

MacUpdate is a fast growing web-based service company working with experienced graphics specialists, digital marketing experts, and PHP web development experts.

Examples of Products

MacUpdate Desktop

MacUpdate Desktop

When you get a new Mac, the first app you’ll want to install is MacUpdate Desktop. Why? Because it makes it much easier to find and install all of the other apps you’ll want to have on 
your Mac.