The Leader in First Responder Identification & Tracking

Salamander Technologies is the leading provider of automatic identification and tracking solutions in the U.S. emergency services market. Based in Traverse City, Salamander provides software, application development and training to first responders across the country.

Fresh Tech Story

The founders of Salamander Technologies understand the responsibilities of first responders. They know what it takes.

In ancient times, philosophers such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder believed that the salamander possessed mythical powers, which, not only allowed it to thrive in fire but extinguish it as well. At Salamander we strive to provide intelligent solutions that help our nation's first responders emerge unharmed from whatever dangers they may face while performing their civic duty.


122 W State St
Traverse City , MI

Talent Search

Salamander Technologies is seeking an experienced software developers for its engineering team. Experience working with iOS platform targeting iPhone and iPad technology platforms required.

Examples of Products

Salamander Technologies are saving the lives of first responders and the citizens they protect by offering a superior auto ID system that accounts for all personnel, verifies responder identities, and enhances situational awareness at an incident, emergency, or field event. Salamander’s contributions to homeland security will accelerate as their Intelligent Accountability™ solutions fulfill the national imperative for a unified system to identify and track all participants of large-scale incidents - responders, victims, and volunteers.