Lots of Science, Engineering & Technology Options

Still a mecca for tourists, the Grand Traverse Bay Area has also become a center for creative and entrepreneurial business development. The birthplace of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, the Grand Traverse Bay Area boasts dozens of leading high-tech design and manufacturing firms. From patented precision gearing for renewable energy systems to advanced laser optics and specialty heat transfer solutions, we export products to international markets. Software and systems design firms here include the world’s leader in real-time location systems for hospitals as well as patented first responder tracking and situational awareness systems.

Technology Professionals Love This Place

According to Janese Horton, HR Director for Oneupweb, Traverse City is unique. As she puts it, "What I love about Traverse City is that live-work balance. And that quality of life where we have the organic 
farms and we have the one-of-a-kind restaurants with world class chefs. And the beautiful, distinctive four seasons where you can do anything and everything outdoors and indoors recreation-wise that you can imagine." 

Kevin Lizenby, Operations Manager at TranTek Automation simply says, "I just love it up here! ... Yes, you have the city, but you have the surrounding rural areas ... all the water and farming . . ."


Why Entrepreneurs Settle in the Grand Traverse Area

Where do you feel most creative? Where do your best ideas float to the surface? Maybe its as you ride your mountain bike up a rugged hill, or paddle your kayak across a fresh-water ocean, or simply walk with your kids along the beach.

According to Xiomara Cordoba, Traverse City is full of opportunities for work, recreation and family. This is a community that offers lots of choices - choices in schools for the kids, choices in recreation, choices in cultural activities.

According to Michael Kent, Content Editor for MacUpdate, the Grand Traverse Bay Area is a great place to find inspiration and engage with a community of technology professionals."They have an opportunity to be part of a growing city."